Ready. Set. Snow.

With several weeks of freaky warm weather in January and early February, we’ve seen lots of runners out training this winter, which means we’ll have a fast Snow Joke this year. And did you see the great Snow Joke write ups in Runner’s World during the last month? First, they included it among seven great winter events in an online article you can read here. And then they highlighted the Snow Joke as one of the featured half marathons in their March issue, on newsstands right now! The great weather and great publicity has us anticipating the biggest, best Snow Joke ever, with more than 700 runners. As always, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for fair weather and good road conditions on race day.

We’ve made a couple of upgrades since last year, re-designing all the course markers that the Cheetah Herders created in days of yore. The jokes remain the same, just more stylish. It’s like the difference between Roseanne Barr and Kathy Griffin, and we hope the laughs keep coming.

Layout 1
We’ve also added some fabulous swag to all the runners’ race bags, including an official Snow Joke pint glass, courtesy of Helena’s Lewis and Clark brewery, and ribbons for all the finishers to commemorate their heroic accomplishment.

Speaking of the finish, there’ll be a stunning change at the awards ceremony. Snow Joke founder Pat Caffrey will miss his first race in 36 years and be unavailable to administer the Cheetah Ranger’s oath! (Pat got an offer he couldn’t refuse to lounge in a deck chair on a Caribbean cruise ship.) In Pat’s absence, yours truly will do the honors for the winners, with an assist from Snow Joke royalty Sarah Caffrey. I have pledged to enrobe myself in full Cheetah regalia for the occasion, but I have insisted that we move indoors to the gym for the ceremony.

I’m also going to be the official starter. I’m thinking it will be fun to see how long I can hold all the runners at the line while I make the pre-race announcements. I gather Pat’s record is around 30 minutes. I’m already working on my material.

We’re looking forward to a good crowd and a great race on Feb. 28. Naturally, you can register right here on our website, roll into Bob Ward’s and register in person, or just come to Seeley Lake on race day and sign up on the spot. We’ll be excited to see you and hope to deliver a great time for all!


Matt Gibson

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